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Daily Event Intro.

1.      National mission

All players of level 26 will be able to pick up the national mission at the governor of the national capital. The completion of the national mission will result in a great deal of EXP; gold; and ocean gold, so this is the mission that has to be done every day.

Tips: Experience and rewards will increase as the mission progresses. So don't give up the mission easily.


2.     Patrol Fleet

Players can go to Genoa to get a patrol fleet assignment, and players can gain a lot of experience and rewards in patrol fleets.

Claim level: 28;

Team Number: 3-5;


3.     Navigation Quiz

The governor of the country hoped that the voyager could learn more from the adventure. For players of level 27 or above, answer 10 questions daily, there will be plenty of rewards.


4.     Endless Voyage

Defeat 15 national elite fleets to win the crown of Poseidon.

All players at level 35 can compete in the endless voyage.

After each win, there will be rewards such as: EXP; Battle Prestige; and items.

When all 15 challenges in each chapter is completed, players can also get extra bonus!


5.     Treasure Commission

There was a lot of talk at the bar or resting area in the ports, and the owner was very well informed. Navigators of Lv.35 or above can get Treasure Commission mission from the bar owner.

After the Treasure Commission is completed, you'll certainly get a Thrace Net, and it's possible to get good things at sea with it.


6.     Florez's Trouble

Florez never seemed to stop wondering, and every day she had some strange ideas. Navigators can get rich experience rewards for meeting her requirements.

The function will open at Lv.37; it can be done once a day. Reset at 5 a.m.