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The Main Plot of the ‘Ocean Legend’

Mainline Story

The story of the rapid accumulation of capitalist is reflected in mobile game-‘Ocean Legend’, players can choose different nationalities and occupations at the beginning. Are you interested in these stories?

Chapter I The road to navigation.

This is the story of the Columbus fleet's third expedition to the west, he found the eastern continent and returned with triumph. But when they arrived in Genoa, they were hit by a series of attacks by the barbarians led by Barbarossa in north Africa. After a difficult victory over the pirates, the outstanding protagonist was appointed by Columbus as the commander of the third fleet. Is this a good story that the little man went to the top? Of course not!

Chapter II The commission of Nomoros

After receiving his/her "pitiful" fleet, the main character and the first mate Florez reluctantly began the acquisition of artillery. But money that is not easy to earn was stolen by the thieves. After reclaiming the funds, it was found that the artillery had been bought by the Nomoros-a chamber of commerce. The main character was told by the chamber's President, Clement, that the recent loss of the iron ore caravan to Tunisia had resulted in a halt in the production of artillery factories that lacked raw materials. Clement promised to provide free artillery if the player went to buy iron ore. This should be an easy task, right?

Chapter III Sad Hero

It was not easy to get the iron ore back from the pirates, and the main character went to Barcelona to meet Columbus and report the voyage to the patron, the king of Spain. But the king break into a furious rage, said that Portuguese eastern fleet has brought back the India's intelligence, and what Christopher Columbus discovered-the longitude of the land, people and culture and the east is totally different, and claimed that it is a small island at the end of the world, ordered the arrest of Columbus. The main character is eager to return to the flagship to take out the log book to prove Columbus's innocence, but the flagship has been hijacked by the pirate Barbarosa. Can the protagonist defeat Barbarossa by his own weak force?


Chapter IV The Knights' Dilemma


Encouraged by Florez, the protagonist finally came out of the guilt of failing to prove Columbus's innocence and accepted a new mandate for the order of the knights of st. John. The knights used to be the mainstay of the eastern Mediterranean against the north African pirates, and their recent supply ships have been battered. After some investigation, the protagonist presuming that the suspect is the daring pirate "lieutenant". And in the process of tracing, witness the rise of Barbarossa's brother, Hayreddin. Is the mysterious "lieutenant" an enemy or a friend, and can the knights survive from the vengeful Hayreddin?


Chapter V The Frozen Trade Routes.


The weakened knights needed material support, but the protagonist of the rescue was denied by the cardinal Silvio. In desperation, the protagonist asks the Nomoros trade for help. President Clement agreed, but made a small request. The Baltic's Hanseatic league convened a meeting to discuss how to deal with the recently rising piracy problem, and the invited Clement decided to hire the main character to escort him. In the cold Baltic sea, what kind of intrigue does the protagonist encounter, and what mysterious forces come to the scene?


Chapter VI Evil Under the Sun


In the Baltic sea, the protagonist accidentally knows the whereabouts of the ship's log and the unknown plot around Columbus and the east. The protagonist is eager to get permission to the Caribbean and sail west again, to prove Columbus's innocence, but was ruthlessly rejected by Spain. The angry protagonists decided to bypass Africa, and through ocean currents and monsoons to the east, but they were attacked by indigenous people in west Africa. Why did the peaceful locals suddenly go to war? What is the secret behind the mysterious forces that take away the log?


Chapter VII Return to the Caribbean


In Africa, the main character mistakenly took back the log book and obtained the permit. Before sailing to the Caribbean, the main character met his fellow adventurer, Amerigo, who claimed that the east that Columbus discovered was a new continent, and he was ready to explore for evidence. But even children know that god has created only three continents. In the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic, the protagonist meets the colonist who escaped from the Caribbean. They say there is an unprecedented disaster... What disaster has caused the local people to flee, and can the protagonist find the east and prove Columbus's innocence?