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Combat System

【Gameplay introduction】Combat System


Battle interface:

"Ocean Legend" is a navigation adventure game developed by Netease independently. Based on Europe in the era of geographical discovery,  play as brave navigators, players can engage in trade or adventure; Serve the country or be the outlaws. This is a instant full 3D MMORPG mobile game with innovative design of naval battle methods.

Avatar area description:

1. The avatar area is set in the upper left corner of the interface and displays the player's flagship information.

2. Players' avatar zones are displayed in order from top to bottom: their level; nickname; and flagship durability.

3. Above is teammate information.

4. Below the avatar is an expansion button, a series of information buttons appear after clicking: Exploration; navigator; Build; Team; Guild; Friend; Inventory; Ship; Mall; Ranking; Event

The operating area is located at the lower left:

1. Click on the left and right areas of the rudder to turn the vessel left and right.

2. The anchor button directly above the rudder can be clicked to stop the ship.

3. The rudder button can be replaced with a rocker. The operation of the rocker is to drag the vessel in any direction and turn to the corresponding direction.


Skill area at the lower right:

1. Click on the largest button for gunfire attacks, long press to extend the attack distance, fired shells when released.

2. The remaining 4 buttons are skill buttons, click to release the corresponding skills, skills enter the CD after released.


Combat area

1. The middle area of the interface shows all combat units and their combat performance.

2. The current HP and name are displayed on the top of all fighting units.

3. The debuff state will be displayed on the top of units.


The battle will be triggered by:

1. A fixed image appears in the scene. After talking to the NPC, select the battle option to enter the battle.

2. Players enter PVP battles.

3. Select a Instance to enter the battle.