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【Gameplay introduction】Trade Gameplay

Trade is a special gameplay feature of the "Ocean Legend". Each port produces different port trading products, players can trade between ports, buying low and selling high to earn the silver produced by difference of prices.

Trade Introduction:

Each port has its own port-specific trading products.
Each transaction has a benchmark price, and the actual price of the transaction fluctuates based on the benchmark price, the percentage below the price indicates the price fluctuation of the current trading product. If it shows 120%, the actual price is 1.2 times the benchmark price, players can trade between ports, buying low and selling high to earn the silver produced by difference of prices. So, be careful about buying and selling, maybe it will lose money. By the way, the price of goods sold in the port where the goods came from will be halved.
The price of each transaction will fluctuate once every half hour, the volatility varies depending on the traded product. The prices of some trading products are quite stable, changing only 1% at a time, while some items, such as gold and Cowry Shell, fluctuate by 9% each time. High-risk brings high-income, high-volatility items often have amazing profits, The pursuit of stable profits or gaining excess profits depends on the observation and thinking of the navigator.
Non-national territory or alliance port, the purchase will charge a 8% tax on the price of the commodity, selling will pay a 15% tax on profits.
The players have an effect on the fluctuation of the trading goods, if there is a lot of buying or selling behavior in a certain transaction, the time interval for the fluctuation may be shortened accordingly.
The price of trading products is also affected by the buying and selling behavior and the degree of port development. A large amount of buying will increase the probability of a price increase, and a large amount of selling will increase the probability of a falling price. The development of the port will make the port more resistant to the behavior of buying and selling.
The direction of the arrow of the transaction price represents the change from the past. The trend does not change before prices return to 100%. The trend may be reversed when prices deviate from the 100%. For example, if a trading product falls during a 120% price, it will steadily decline before falling below 100%. However, if you see a 120% trend in the price of a trading product is still rising, then be careful, the next time the market changes, maybe it will fall.
There are a total of 18 major categories of trading products, and by increasing the sales talent of the corresponding category, you can obtain more rewards for the number of purchases.

Concession Book:
At the same time that price fluctuates each half hour, the quantity of purchased goods will be restored once. If you want to buy more trading products, you can also obtain the purchase quantity through the corresponding "Concession Book" in addition to waiting. There are a total of three "Concession Book" that correspond to different transaction items and are identified by different numbers of stars.
The types of transactions that can be added by 1-Star Concession Book: Food, Condiments, Medicine, Livestock, Alcohol, Additive, Colourant; 
The types of transactions that can be added by 2-Star Concession Book: Printed matter, Mineral, Industrial Products, Fiber, Textile, Weapon, Craft Product;
The types of transactions that can be added by 3-Star Concession Book: 
Spices, Gem, Perfume, Precious Metals.

Specialty Products
The transaction products with the words “special products” represent the goods as the specialties of the port, and sales in more distant areas can earn more profits. At the same time, the sale of special products has a certain chance to obtain the award of the Concession Books.
The more types of special products and the greater the number of specialty products, the more generous the incentive to obtain a  Concession Book. However, only products with more than 50 bins will be recognized as specialty products.

Random state:
The port will randomly appear popular, soaring, and crash. Selecting the corresponding types of trading products may result in huge profits.
Popularity: Voyager sells the corresponding popular trading products, the price doubles, but also according to the size of the transaction volume, additional incentives to obtain a Concession Book. A Concession Book can be obtained for every 50 positions of goods sold.
Soaring: The price of trading goods will double;
Crash: The prices of trading products are all halved.
When you sell, there is a chance to negotiate for more profits. So remember to arrange a controller with better Negotiating skills!

Investment System
Players can represent their own country, invest in the Alliance Port, and gain market share. If the home country has the highest share, the port will become a Alliance Port of their own country, so that players from this country will enjoy tax exemption, In addition, the higher the market share, the greater the number of transactions that can be purchased in the port.
The occupancy of the port is settled once every 2 hours.
In the capitals and territories of the country, only the natives can invest, and the share is always 100%. The alliance port is an object that all countries can draw.
Players can only use silver to invest Alliance Port, capitals and territories can also use certificate of Chartered Investment to invest and achieve rapid growth.

Investment Reward:
When the player invests, he can gain business reputation and improve his Nobility.
At the same time, each port has a customized amount corresponding rewards to a fixed amount of investment.
The player who invests the most in each port can obtain the title of the governor's adviser and enjoy a fixed exclusive mooring position at the port.