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Class Intro.

Melee Knight

Good at defense and collision, often use charge skill in the melee combat, Melee Knight was a master sergeant in the navy, he is upright and brave, willing to travel all over the world for the honor of the motherland.

Skills introduction:

Charge of Ares - Ares gives power to the Melee Knight to charge at enemy, lifts the ship's speed, and increases its collision damage for several seconds.

Crow Chain - It is said that it originated in ancient Rome. Use the chain to pull the nearest enemy into collision, causing collision damage, and causing enemies’ crew to mess up for seconds.

The Lord of the sea – To frighten the surrounding enemies with the power of the sea lord, causing the artillery damage.

Flash Bomb – Firing a Flash Bomb, reduce the fire range of nearby enemies, and cause artillery damage for a few seconds.

Titan's will –Inherit the will of the titans and add a shield that absorbs damage for several seconds.

The sacred spirit – and cause artillery damage for a few seconds.

Daphne’s blessing – Daphne's blessing, causing artillery damage to nearby enemies, reduce the enemy ship speed for several seconds. And restore the durability.

Poseidon’s blessing –Poseidon’s blessing, causing artillery damage to nearby enemies, reduce the enemy ship speed for several seconds. And restore the durability.


Good at remote attack. The artillerist is fascinated by the artillery technology. As a former young lord, he lost everything in the war. Since then, he became obsessed with artillery and hoped to regain his lost territory.

Skills introduction:

Greek fire - Increase the sail force, speed up the ship, accelerate for a few seconds, and then sprinkle the Greek fire behind the ship. The enemy entering the fire range will be hurt every second by fire for several seconds.

Net shell - Fire a net shell to a random enemy around, causing artillery damage and reduce the speed of the ship for several seconds.

Bouncing bomb - Firing three bouncing bombs at each side, causing fire damage to enemy units.

Three salvos - causing three continuous bombardments in the fan range from near to far, the closer the enemy unit is, the higher the damage.

Artillery focus - Increases target shooting skills in a short period of time, increases the range, and increases projectile damage for several seconds.

Multi-barrel barrage cannon - The multi-barrel cannon fire a barrage of projectiles and fire a number of shells in seconds, causing artillery damage.

Giant fuel bomb - Drop fuel tanks at the nearest enemy position, reduce the speed of enemy ships within the range of fuel, ignite fuel after a short delay, and cause fire damage to the remaining enemy.

Bounty Hunter

Good at assistance and recovery. The Bounty Ranger is proficient in mine technology and pursuit. She is a wild and forthright sea ranger who knows ocean and nature well. She roams all over the world to hunt down wanted criminals for the bounty.

Skills introduction:

Escape - The ship sped away, lifted the ship's speed, and continued to release the smoke at the tail, accelerating for several seconds, and the smoke lasted for several seconds. The speed of enemy ship in smoke will reduce.

Mine layout - Placing a mine in the rear of a ship, an enemy unit that enters the torpedo range will trigger a mine explosion that will cause fire damage to the enemy within the range. The detonation radius of the mine will be larger as the mine is arranged. After the mine is placed, it can exist for several seconds.

Seagull attack - The seagulls will assist in the operation, attack the random enemy within the range, resulting in curse damage and multiple attacks.

Quiet sea - With the infinite power of the quiet sea, the dolphin's song will heal the crew members in the range, and the recovery will last for a few seconds.

Fish Encircling - A shoal of fish attacks the enemy around the ship, causing curse damage to the enemy entering the area, and the fish lasted for several seconds.

Timing detonation – The Bounty Hunter set off the waves in a wide range, causing the artillery damage to the enemies within the range.

Whale Impact - Summons a whale to attack enemy ships, causing extensive damage.


Good at control and curse attack. The "Scryer" is a master of ancient spells. She boarded the warship without hesitation since she saw her future in the crystal ball. No one knows her history. She is mysterious and has the power of nature.

Skills introduction:

Curse Speed-up - Use the curse power to speed up, increase the speed of the ship, and create a curse shield that absorbs damage for a few seconds.

Fantasy array – Summon the array in front of ship, click the skill button again to blink, the curse will move the ship immediately to the farthest array position, which will last for several seconds.

Chain Lightning - Use the lightning curse to attack the surrounding enemy, each bounce causing curse damage and jumping several times.

Taro feast - Use 3 different colors of tarot cards for divination, attack random enemies, different colors of tarot card will have different effects.

The wheel of fate - Draw the tarot card of the wheel of fortune, return to the position of a few seconds ago and reply to durability, it also causes damage to the enemy in front of the move.

Ice world - Draw world tarot card, freeze the surrounding sea, causing the curse damage to enemies in the range and make the enemy's crew in confusion for several seconds.