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How to level up quickly

How to level up quickly in “Ocean Legend”?

Early Stage Upgrade Guide

1.       The first step after creating a character.

Start on the first day, start with the main line, and then players will get stuck before the level 30, and then complete the national task. At level 30, continue to follow the mainline.

2.       Regular Tasks

In order to quickly level up, daily regular tasks must be completely done. Treasure Commission has three different levels, each level has different EXP, and so it’s better to choose the one with the most EXP. In addition, although the Patrol Fleet task is time-consuming, but it is the main way of getting experience. At the same time, the captain will receive additional experience as the reward of fleet leader.

3.       Make Best Use of Concession Action Point

A lot of players can't spend all of the Concession Action Points, but they can help us gain EXP. How can we use the remaining Concession Action Points after our daily regular tasks? First, to trade, to earn Ocean gold in the sale, if the player has the remaining Concession Action Points, there will also be some experience rewards. Second, Excavate, using Exploration Points to complete Excavating tasks, there are 12 at a excavating site, in the top right corner of the task schedule shows up to 6 position, in addition to the special item of task, there will also have EXP and gold as reward.

4.       Guild Events

Players can join the Guild to participate in Guild Events, such as Fishing Coast; Trade Commissions; Trades Guild, a lot of EXP can be gained from the above activities.