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Ocean Legend Tips

Ocean Legend Tips

How to be a powerful captain in the Ocean Legend:

Fighting Capacity

The ultimate goal of all captains is to improve their combat effectiveness and to improve their combat effectiveness quickly and effectively, which is an important factor to occupy a place in the Ocean Legend.

1)       The higher the level, the stronger the ship will be built, and the higher the combat effectiveness will be.

2)       The better the ship's equipment, the stronger the vessel's combat effectiveness.

3)       The more skilled operation, the greater the advantage in the battle.


To achieve these elements, the captains need to be familiar with the following;

1.       Level up:

A.      In addition to the main line and daily tasks, the main source of Exp is trade;

B.      In the course of trade, the more profit the captains gain each time, the more Exp they gain;

C.      Therefore, in the process of trade, it is necessary for the captains to pay attention to the sale of different ports, and to carry out the trade of high-profit goods; for example: The sale of gold, diamonds and pearls from the gold coast to ports in the Mediterranean and northern Europe will bring high profits. High profits also bring rich Exp and rewards.


2.       Vessel equipment:

A.      It is very important to equip the high class equipment in the game, and the high level of artillery; sails and armor will bring a full range of improvement to the ship.

B.      DaVinci Detector; Trade in Stall; Guild Contribution Points; Charm Points, these are all sources of high-grade vessel equipment.

C.      Therefore, the captains should make a good use of diamonds & gold to purchase; and participate in the guild activities, send gifts to pub girls to exchange vessel equipment.


3.       Improving skills:

A.      When the captains are engaged in naval warfare, they must pay attention to the coordination of the ship's movement and firing, and make good use of their skills, speed and range of shooting to gain an advantage in the 1V1 battle.

B.      Pay attention to the collocation of the profession during the team battle, form a team advantage, and win the honor in the victory of the guild war.


At the same time, fight for your country, and invest in important ports with your partners in the same country. Win the ownership of the port, forming the national advantages in trades. Port investments can also win prizes from each port, and the captains who invest the most can be chosen as the Governor Counselor to enjoy the privilege.