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Ship Equipment

Brief Introductions of Ship Equipment

There are five types of vessel equipment, which are sails; artillery; armor; ram; prow and aftercastle.

Ships of different grades have different numbers of different equipment fields.


There are seven levels of I~VII for each type of equipment. The higher level has the better the attribute. Ship equipment is equipped with no character level requirements, after obtaining, all can be directly equipped.


According to the random values of the equipment attributes, each level of equipment has 5 evaluation levels from S~D. This assessment is only for the equipment of same level.

Equipment attributes are random at the time of acquisition; some of the equipment may gain additional attributes.


Artillery is special. Have the type of shell, speed, range, filling speed and other properties.

The cannon on the far left are the main cannon, which determine the type of fire attack of the player's ship.

There are five types of artillery fire:

Solid Shell: There is a chance that the enemy ship will be leaking and the enemy armor will be reduced.

Grape Shell: There is a chance of destroying enemy sails and reducing the speed of enemy ships.

Smoke Shell: There is a chance to generate smoke that will halve the enemy's range.

Chain Shell: There are chances that make the enemy's crew confuse and the enemy will not be able to do anything.

Flaming Shell: There is a chance to make enemy's ships on fire and the enemy's durability will be reduced.

The rest of the artillery properties, the speed, range, filling, etc. are determined by the mean value of all the cannon. The fire power is the sum of the corresponding values of all cannons.