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Trade Strategy for Beginners_

Trade Strategy for Beginners

In “Ocean Legend”,

There are several types of moneymaking trades:

1.      Popular

What is popular? In short, the sudden increase in demand for a particular commodity in a particular port and led to a sharp rise in the price of the goods at the port. In the game, the popular starts at 7:30 and refreshes every two hours, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30... And so on. Popular goods are random, one to three commodities at a time. As for the end time of popular, normally it will refresh every two hours, and there is also the case that the demand for the popular goods is enough, so it might end early. Since this is an online game, so there will be a lot of captains running for the popular trades, so when the popular goods have been traded enough, it will automatically end.

Benefits of popular:

1.      That's what we started with, prices skyrocketed. A commodity that could have been priced at 5,000 and popular might push its prices up to 8,000. For captains, of course, the more expensive they are, the more money they make.

2.      Second, when the captains are selling popular goods, they will have the chance to obtain the Concession Book. The reason for the trade in popular goods is that, in addition to making large profits, it is important to obtain Concession Book. The purpose of the Concession Book is, literally, a prop used in the purchase of a commodity. Because there are three different levels of goods, the corresponding “Concession Book “is divided into three categories. Because the goods of the port are restricted to the captains, there is a limit to the quantity of goods purchased at a time; however the captain's ships would certainly carry more than that, so the purpose of the Concession Book is to allow the captains to refresh the purchase of the corresponding star goods and increase the purchase quantity.


2. High-margin Commodity Trading

In the game, although the popular can causes commodity price inflation to provide a handsome profit to the captains, but because the popular is only occurring within a certain period of time, and there is always the possibility of unstable factors that could lead to an end, and some destinations are far from where they originated, so these profits earned by the captain are also relatively controlled.

So for the captains, the most common and fastest way to earn ocean gold is to trade between ports, and make full use of the price difference.


3.      Recession

Buy low and sell high is the core principle of trade, so the captain in the game also need to pay special attention to the recession, when a commodity slump, the captain can buy in large quantities of that goods from the port, and to earn huge profits by selling them to the port where has higher price.


4.      Skyrocketing

Skyrocketing is the result of a whole class of commodity prices rising in the port. For example, the situation of port skyrocketing is alcohol, so selling wine, tequila and beer in this port will be more expensive and make more money than usual.